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Life Transitions Therapy

Life Transitions Therapy
The unpredictable twist and turns of life can leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious and isolated, possibly wondering how to cope. In this social media age of scrolling, filtering and posting pictures of us,"Living our best life" on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook, validating ourselves by the amount of likes we receive and comparing our lives to everyone else who seem to have the best jobs, relationships and life in general.

Life can become a revolving door of living a persona you have created where you can feel isolated and detached from the outside world, unsure of how people will respond to your true feelings. The constant comparison to people who seem to have it all only aids the need to keep this persona alive, drawing further away from real and true authentic human connection.

In this day and age technology allows us to be connected to so many people but also feel disconnected at the same time. Anxiety, depression, isolation and low self-worth are common place with a feeling of no one to turn to or who will understand.

Our environment, culture and society have helped us master the skill of making choices for our lives without the time, space or consideration of the impact on our well-being. Everything is so fast paced with a fear that we will be left behind, with the feeling that there is no time to explore who we are, how we feel and where we want to be. Exhausted, you wish time would just stop so you can breathe!

And you can breathe!

If you have been feeling overwhelmed and yearning to explore and understand more about what this life has to offer, we can explore this together!


“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” - James Baldwin

About Me

About Me
My name is Annabelle Ogden and I am a qualified Counsellor with a Bsc (Hon) in Integrative Counselling Studies. I offer a safe and confidential place for exploration and support. I endeavour to create a respectful and non-judgemental environment where areas of life can be explored confidentially and comfortably.

Our work together can support you around:

  • Understanding your inner-self.
  • Inspiring self-awareness and authenticity. 
  • Learning to respond and react to the challenges you face, giving you the power to make conscious life choices.
  • Alleviating your emotional and relational pain.
  • Learning how to self-support and become an advocate of your own well-being.

I offer face to face (traditional therapy), walking therapy, telephone and online counselling. Walking therapy, is exactly what it says on the tin! Instead of sitting in front of your counsellor in a traditional therapy room, the counselling session takes place outdoors walking side by side. It is counselling in motion, and although it is not a fitness session, it is often more dynamic than a traditional indoor session. If you have felt overwhelmed in traditional therapy sessions, this way of physically active therapy can help release some tensions and stimulates new thoughts and ideas and illustrates the metaphor for moving forward.

Counselling Services

Walking Therapy

Walking Therapy is exactly what it says on the tin. Instead of sitting in front of your counsellor in a traditional therapy room, the counselling session takes place in outdoors settings, walking side by side. This type of therapy is very flexible as sessions can take place locally to client's home, work or school, during convenient times of the day.

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Online or Telephone Therapy

Therapy sessions are conducted using mobile services or video calling through Skype services.

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Face to Face Therapy (Traditional Therapy)

Face to face therapy session conducted in a therapy room.

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Counselling Home Visit

The counselling home visit service is there for those who may be housebound, due to a physical or medical disability, pre and post-natal mothers with young babies, parents, the elderly and anyone preferring this type of counselling service.

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  • Studio 5, 65 Camberwell Church Street, London SE5 8TR
  • 10 minute walk from Denmark Hill train station. Buses 35, 40. 42, 45, 68, 468, 484, 436, 185, 176, 171, 148 and 36 to Camberwell green and a 5 minute walk to my offices. Buses 12 and 345 stop right outside.