Online or Telephone Therapy

Telephone or Online counselling is becoming more popular as an alternative to face to face work. In terms of practicality, it has the benefits of being very flexible due to not having to travel to access therapy sessions, meaning it's suitable for very busy people who just don't have time to spare. It's ideal for people who live in geographically isolated areas, those who don't have access to transport or have difficulty with mobility. There is also no stress from having to find a baby sitter or parking spaces.

If your feeling low and unmotivated then telephone or online counselling takes much less effort than having to get ready to see a face to face counsellor. From the familiarity of their own homes clients can feel safe and secure and phone or Skype/Zoom/Microsoft Teams in to your counsellor at a pre- arranged date and time. you can even have your tea or coffee in hand!

 If you have a very demanding schedule with tight time constraints within your personal or professional life or have difficulty with mobility or other issues impacting your outdoor access, Telephone or online Skype therapy maybe the solution for you! 

The times that you meet with me may be more flexible given the telephone or online format of therapy, allowing you flexibility around time and location of sessions. 

Why not give it a try today with a free 30 minute initial consultation session. Get in touch now to arrange a time and date suitable for you!